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Twitter’s Co-Founder Thinks Cash Receipts an “Untapped Medium” – RTN’s Response

Hyper-Local marketing is the term used when we target a specific audience based on two dimensions:

Receipts Considered a New Publishing Medium:

A recent article circulating the Internet reveals an exciting idea relevant to our industry: using cash register receipts as a publishing medium.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and co-founder of Twitter, calls receipts an untapped “canvas” for businesses to utilize as a communication and advertising tool. The driving factor of his statement is that businesses hand “thousands, if not millions” of customers receipts every day – as a mandatory process. Why not turn the receipts into a viable product themselves, one that customers will value and use?

Think RTN:

ShopperLocal’s Register Tape Network (RTN) is already one step ahead. The value of coupons has already been proven, and discussed time and time again: but the RTN method of circulating coupons now seems underrated.

Advertising with RTN utilizes a medium that is already being handed to your potential customers. Through repeat exposure on a highly localized scale, RTN allows you to advertise your offer to consumers who are already shopping near your business.

The value here is clear: advertising on the receipts of a supermarket or dollar store that is located near your business will catch the eye of thousands of shoppers. So why not give RTN a chance? Call us today to advertise! (816) 895-7145.