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Frequently Asked Questions

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The price may vary according to run time, store type, ad type & location. Once we get to know about your preferences, our sales representative will contact you to offer a tailor made deal.

RTN :e-mail us at customerservice@rtn.net or Call us on 877-251-4592

Adcart : e-mail us at customerservice@adcart.com or Call us on 877-251-4592

CouponEasy: Visit us here.

*RTN customers get CouponEasy as a complementary service for the term of their contract.

We offer ads on the back of supermarket receipt tapes-RTN, supermarket shopping cart advertising-AdCart & Online printable coupon advertising-CouponEasy.

All our services are designed to get your brand maximum exposure as well as create sales with couponing. We give your brand repeat exposure along with strategic placement to maximize the visibility and create an identity with your local customers.

With RTN and Adcart we offer your business to be displayed in supermarkets. This enables you to take advantage of the extremely high footfall of a supermarket and also piggy back on their advertising budgets (which is in millions of dollars).

With CouponEasy we take your business coupons online as printable coupons. CouponEasy has wide base of visitors from your community.

Payment options available are:-

Pay Online at paymybill.shopperlocal.com
Check/ACH Make the check payable to AdCart/Register Tape Network. Please include your account or customer # on the check.
Call in a payment at 877-251-4592.

You may get in touch with our sales rep. or you may reach us at 877-251-4592 8AM-5PM EST or e-mail to:


Yes, you have an option to advertise at the store(s) of your choice. But we strongly suggest you to let the sales expert offer you a better option.

Yes. Your proofs will be mailed to you 2 weeks before the start date for approvals.

Ads are non-cancellable but you have an option of changing the ad design & location (subject to availability).

Minimum of 6 months for both Adcart and RTN. CouponEasy is on per month pricing.

In addition to your RTN contracted ads, the tape coupons for your business will be eligible for a complimentary basic listing plan at www.couponeasy.com, for the same duration as the contract.