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How Can Social Media Help Brands Build Customer Loyalty

Social media lets you connect with your customers directly. Whether these are comments on your blog, tweets on Twitter, or messages on Facebook, you are interacting with your customers, and this provides a great opportunity to build customer loyalty. However, as many of you may think, there is more to social media than just comments and tweets. When it comes to building loyalty, always put value on the “social” of social media.

Here are 4 techniques that you can apply to your social media campaigns to help build strong customer loyalty among your readers, fans, followers, etc.

1. Mean what you say

Keep your promises, simple as that. Nothing ruins customer loyalty more than a broken promise. With social media, one pissed-off customer can cause a lot of harm to your business. A bad customer experience can spread like wildfire over the web, and you might be out of business in no time. So deliver what has been agreed upon with the customer during your transactions. Whatever your marketing ad says, that should be delivered to the customer.

2. Respond to questions

Never ignore a customer inquiry, especially those that matter. Who knows how many friends he or she will be telling about that bad experience? Yes, it can be hard to answer all the questions, which is why it is important to filter and prioritize. Answer questions that are important first, and respond promptly. Set aside tie during the day to answer all relevant questions.

3. Welcome feedback and criticism

A truly great learning experience stems from allowing customer feedback. Welcome the idea of having customers comment about your new product. Allow them to rate their experience and let them share their reviews. This helps you determine potential avenues for improvement or emphasis

4. Care for your customers

With social media, everything is easier, so it wouldn’t be hard to reach out to your customers about their experience. Ask them if they were satisfied with your product or service. Thank them if they did. If not, ask them why, apologize, and give a solution.

Social media provides you with several outlets to build a loyal fan base of customers. Show them you love them as much as you love your business, and they will return that love through loyalty. You will forever occupy a portion in their buying choices: brand equity at its best.