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3 Tips To Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

Keep this list by the phone to improve your business’s customer service and win customers for life.

You know stellar phone etiquette translates into happy customers—and then into dollars and cents. But using proper phone etiquette can be harder than it sounds. Put these tips to work every time you and your staff pick up the phone.

1. Focus on the Task at Hand

Before getting on the phone, take a deep breath to relax and smile because customers will hear that smile on the phone. Clear distractions away from the phone area, but keep information you may need close by.

Example: You may want to keep scripts or talking points on an easily viewed note card.

2. Follow Up on Active Listening

When you can tell a customer’s needs to be heard, put yourself in the caller’s position and acknowledge understanding with empathy, using phrases such as, “I understand,” Jackson advises. Good service starts with listening quietly and carefully until the customer is finished, even when the office is busy, she says.

Once you know the customer’s issue, don’t say you understand and then slip back into trying to bully them to come in. Maintain your empathy throughout the call.

3. End Calls on a Good Note

Leave your customers feeling taken care of before you say goodbye. Always repeat any agreed upon steps back to the caller. Ask if there is anything else that you might do for the caller. And, most often this is neglected, it is important to thank the caller for their time.